Prowler Poppers uk
Prowler Poppers uk

Prowler Poppers is the number one retailer for poppers in the UK.

Before becoming our client their number of clicks in 3 months was nearly 1.5k (2020) going forward a year they have over 21k clicks across the last 3 months.

We were able to achieve this by building quality backlinks to niche specific keywords and also removing bad, spammy backlinks that were pulling the website down in the search engine rankings.

Improving the overall on-site seo based on the impressions that the keywords generate.

Domain stats for Prowler Poppers


SEO for this adult website is a continuous work because Google has algorithm changes almost every quarter and we need to keep up to date by creating new backlinks and making sure we got a healthy number of powerful backlinks and keeping the on-site code up to date with the latest google requirements.