Paid Search & PPC Poole Management (SEM)

Setting up a Google Adwords or Bing Search Marketing is the easy part.

Optimising your search marketing dollars for maximum conversion is the hard part.

Our PPC strategists manage PPC campaigns with a keen eye for bid management, optimising click-through rates and ultimately increasing conversions leading to better results for our clients year after year.

The key to ensuring quality, lead generation and that your PPC budget is spent wisely, is to ensure that you have a specific and targeted local strategy for your local business.

Search Advertising

Takeoff Digital thrives at positioning ads for each client’s most important keywords at the lowest possible price across Adwords. The end result is maximum ad visibility at a cost per acquisition you can smile about.

Display Advertising

We focus on determining your end-goals first. We then target audiences, rather than websites, with banner and text ads.

Remarketing Services

We strategically create audience segments from your site’s visitors. Ads are then created to cater towards where these audiences are in the customer journey.

  • At Takeoff Digital , we manage PPC Poole Pay Per Click Advertising holistically in order to generate the greatest return.
  • Our position is that while individual tactics are important, historical and competitive data across channels can provide deep insights that improve performance.
  • We use this data to research the highest value keywords and write compelling ad copy to bring highly-qualified visitors to your website.

Why choose us for your PPC Poole Campaigns ?

Because unlike other companies that just create some ads and link up with some pages we do things a bit different.

  • We research your possible visitors and visiting patterns and set schedules for when the campaign to run or pause.
  • We create individual seo optimised ads for each of the products / pages that need to be marketed.
  • We filter the campaign so that only the visitors from relevant geographical areas would see your paid Ads.
  • Because we SEO optimise every page that will be used in an Ad so your ads will be in front of your competitors paid Ads and get a lower cost per click.
  • We target your PPC Poole campaign so you would get audience from Poole and surrounding areas only.

With Takeoff Digital you will always have the best ROI for your PPC Poole Campaigns !