Importance of SEO

Importance of SEO

In this article we want to bring up some key aspects and elements of SEO and why they are important for your business and your website.

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . Basically what it does is improve your websites ranking on search engines on different keywords but there is more to seo than just that.

Can’t I just pay a service like Google Adwords to serve my ads / SEO vs Paid Ads ?

Yes you could do that but it would cost much more and the second and most important : Even if you pay for your Ads to be posted online , other paid Ads will be served first because your page is not optimized for search engines.
So , If you want to have you and your business aligned with the latest standards SEO is a must !

Can’t I do it myself ?

You could … back in ’99 , but these days search engines can really hold a grudge against your website and you get penalised if it isn’t done in the right way. So the best advice is to let the professionals handle it.

What else does SEO do ?

When PC ON optimises your website for SEO , it fixes all the bugs in your websites code , it adds key elements readable by search engines only so they would know if your page has a product or an article.
Whenever you would post your websites on social medias your article would show up as optimised.
Your website will load faster and it will be more secure.

How do I get someone to optimize my website ?

Contact us !