Google removed my website from the search index

If your website doesn’t show in the search index anymore , do not panic ! This could be caused by many reasons and most of the time it is not something that you should worry about.

These are the top 5 reasons this happens :

  • Google penalised your website
  • Change in SEO structure of your page
  • Loss Of backlinks
  • Google Bot lag
  • Abuse of content

Google penalised my website

This is pretty hard to fix and it’s a shame this happens but a lot of seo companies use spammy links to get backlinks for their customers websites or buy domains and use 301 redirects but with a few good backlinks usually come 90% bad backlinks that you should get rid of as soon as possible.
First thing you need to do is locate your bad backlinks , you can ask a reputable seo company to do this such as Takeoff Digital or use the MOZ tool and locate your bad backlinks.
After you have completed your list of backlinks to remove open the Google Disavow tool  and follow the instructions to create your disallow file and upload it.

The disavow file should look like :

domain: // on a new line enter the domains you want to disavow

After submitting this give it a month or two for those links to completely disappear from your webmasters page and your website should get it’s ranking back.

Change in SEO structure of your website

This is something that you or your seo company have done and unless you have regular backups your need to backtrack your actions and find the one that made you loose ranking. After you reverted your website to the good old structure use Google Webmasters to fetch your new website.

Loss of Backlinks

Due to different reasons backlinks are lost from time to time this is why it is always important to keep building new and relevant backlinks .

Google bot lag

This happens from time to time , Google programmers are human like you and me and sometimes their work is not 100% perfect , this is why you sometimes see fluctuations in the search engine ranking . You can try and fetch your website again with the google webmasters tool otherwise just give it some time.

Abuse of Content

If you use the same website content and only change a few words to make different articles or copy content from another website you will get penalised for it . Every article you post on your website should be genuine , under any circumstance you shouldn’t copy content from other websites.