Get sales & leads with your website

Learn how to get sales and leads with your website , how to outrank your competition and prepare yourself for the online sales war.

Leads & sales are at the base of every business , this is what keeps the business afloat.
These days internet marketing is becoming more and more the go-to for any new business.

When was the last time you read a flyer you received in your mail ? Exactly… !

Whether it’s SEO or PPC you need to get that website traffic one way or another but how do you turn those visitors into leads and those leads into sales ?
An internet users journey from visitor to sales is this one :

Visitor   >>   Search Engine   >>   Website   >>   Lead   >>   Sale

If you get a sale or a lead you really need to give yourself a clap or send a boom because you won quite a few battles.

The get sales & leads battles are:

  • outranking your competition in the search engine. (95% of users do not look on the 2nd page of the search engine )
  • attracting the visitor to your website (your website description and title need to be perfect)
  • when the visitor finally gets on your website you need to make him stay hooked , so your landing page and website need to be in perfect shape and give honest and clear information.

Tips for getting sales and leads

  • ¬†Make sure every link on your website is working.
  • ¬†Present your business honestly , do not lie about anything , these days users google you and find out everything from government websites.
  • If you have an e-commerce store or have a presentation website try to give every possible information and also think about including an faq page .
  • ¬†Include a reviews section.
  • Include full contact information phone / email / address .

If everything is good the visitor would turn intro a sale or a lead and again it is up to you to offer good service and have them coming back.