About Takeoff Digital

The SEO & eCommerce Agency with a difference.
We do things a little differently here at Take Off, our development procedures are based off data and analytics and not just because "it looks good" or "because our competitors do it that way".

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A team of strategic & commercially focused minds

We design, develop, optimise and maintain online retailers using the market leading eCommerce platforms, Magento and Shopify.

Magento & Shopify development services

SEO & Marketing solutions

Site functionality & speed audits

A whole lot more!

Expertise in eCommerce growth

Data driven results

We don’t build because “it looks good” or “because our competitors do it like this”. We base everything off data and analytics – so there is a method behind the madness.

Full transparency

Unlike the majority of agencies, we’re fully transparent and are honest with our approach. Ensuring we build rapport and trust.

Business growth

We will ensure that we improve your conversion rates, make your store quicker and improve your business processes to maximise return on investment.

Data & Anyltics

We provide reports and analytics on what is and isn’t working on your eCommerrce store. We can then provide improvements and areas to work on that will increase conversion.

What makes Take Off Digital different?

Our approach is fundamentally different, we’re transparent and see you as a partner rather than a client.

Design & UX Audit

We take your site and we'll audit how your current traffic uses it. We'll then provide a usability analysis, persona analysis and what works and doesn't work on your current site. Giving you full visibility as to why you aren't maximising your ROI.

Data Driven Results

Providing you with an audit based on your current traffic then gives a reason behind implementing new changes, not just doing it for the sake of it.

Mobile First Development

All of our development is with Mobile in mind, as the majority of users now browse using their mobile and with Google changing it's preferences to Mobile first indexing. Responsive websites are a must.

Monthly Maintenance

We'll provide you with monthly reports as to what is working, and what isn't. So you have full visibility of your websites processes.

Commonly Asked Questions

Confused? Want to know more? 

There are several eCommerce platforms out there and all have pros and cons. It depends on the size of your business or how much you’re willing to scale. Speak to us today for a better understanding of which eCommerce platform i for you.

We are a team of 7 developers and SEO experts. Between us we cover the whole stack of existing web technologies and linux server administration.

We offer a variety of different services. Hosting support is one of them, you can either be managed by us where we will take care of everything or you can be managed by one of our exclusive hosting partners!